there is
only one evil,
humans! nature will be

will it
take? a tempest?
natures fighting for her

beyond hope,
heeded, not have
we. warnings, explicit, nature

not battling,
just making right
our wrongs. nature giving

your religion
there is one
who won’t be denied

a long
term future in
nature does reside. stormy

can help.
stop pollution now!
we’ll be giving nature

i make
a promise not
to beg for hope

© MET 17/66

Micks elfje Challenge #4 #hope

Elfje C4 Run in with a Myth (9.11)

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10 thoughts on “HOPE!”

    1. Thanks for your appreciation, means a lot to me. However, and with much respect, I ask you as a vegan to take into consideration that all flora breathes for us as much as we, and all mammals breathe for it/them. What I am saying is, as omnivores, we are part of the equilibrium re nature. To sway one way or the other is always going to be problematic.

      Hoping I still have your interest, for what the majority of humans don’t know, or don’t understand, or even don’t want to, in as much as, as long as there is a tomorrow life will go on. and to a point that’s how it works, but! It is a big BUT, and it is all recorded in fossil form. Early life forms, as the fossils show, were gigantic, why? A simple answer, there was more oxygen back then. So what happened? Mass extinctions, caused by astronomical collisions, and humongous volcanic eruptions, 5 in total. The planet recovered from each, but a price was paid, a reduction in oxygen levels, which resulted in the life forms that lay dormant evolving into smaller forms through a natural process of selection. That process has never ceased, we are now in the 6th mass extinction, this time caused by ourselves, read this, please do, for the following will make more sense, very, very scary, you have been warned!
      If through the likes of a so called natural extinction as in volcanic eruptions on a huge scale, or the plant being hit by a large asteroid, yes, and has been the case. Why? Well on both counts re the latter, vast quantities of dust were created, which encompassed the whole planet. The dust blocked the sun, the planet cooled, both contributing factors to mass terrestrial extinctions, however marine and large freshwater habitats to some degree coped, The other main factor aiding recoveries being dormancy in both flora and fauna, Cutting a long story short, the dust clears, temperatures return to norm, and everything that laid dormant woke up, and evolution took its course, and here we are.

      Now, for the really scary stuff; if it happens due to global it warming, (and it is happening as I write, both flora and fauna suffering extinctions), as a result of pollution, then chances of recovery, very slim, why? What the general public don’t realise is modern day extinctions are happening at an unprecedented rate and that in itself is a contributing factor. Both life types need each other, (in the long term), to survive, as in, one produces oxygen, the other carbon dioxide, there has to be an equilibrium. The latter also diminishing at unprecedented rates, deforestation, habitat mismanagement, causing, in some cases, instant exterminations of specialised flora and fauna. All ongoing factors, which along with the vegetable, mineral and animal pollutants we humans contribute, create an irreversible extinction scenario. Long after all life becomes extinct the pollution factor will remain, temperatures will continue to rise, remember this time there is no dust. I’ve just scratched the surface, for there is a lot more to it, in fact, there are libraries of info on the topic. All scary stuff, but for me, the scariest bit is the fact that world governments are in denial of scientifically proven facts. If the scientists are correct then we are already past the point where we can not do anything to prevent a man made mass extinction. Hope might not mean a lot now, but it is all we have, and we can all help by clearing up our mess and more importantly stop polluting now!



  1. Now the challenge will be to come up with something similar with a more positive and encouraging note?
    I believe that humanity is also a part of the natural process, or why else would we exist?
    But, yes given the ability to use the organ of the brain – it would be advisable for humans to be better stewards –
    of this planet and any other one they think they will be able to migrate too.

    Thanks for linking with my piece on your prompt. While I know you have come to enjoy the Elfje form I was reintroduced to the Septolet and in an MLMM prompt combined the wordle with the form here:
    The Way of The Garden

    Liked by 1 person

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