11 thoughts on “The Daily Mini Writing Challenges #13”

      1. We I should take that back some people will care the only thing is that is takes a lot for people to listen from waters polluted with junk and toxins to the air becoming one big smog fog and then….. Biodiversity

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        1. What I find when bringing pollution, and global warming up in conversation with friends and acquaintances is that they think they can do nothing about it. Sadly that appears to be the view of the majority, and for various other reasons worldwide. The keyword is majority, in a democracy that gives us many rights, one being to lobby politicians, councillors, and the like, to do something about it, and of course to mass demonstrate, (Peacefully), our feelings. I think persistence in expressing concern will get results, but they want/need to be acted on now.

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          1. The thing is it can’t be just democracy countries doing their part it has to also come from every other country doing their part because we all live on this earth together and i’m not pointing the finger at china or India but what has to be done almost can’t be done due to the constant corruption its terrible how slowly our planet is warming up but at the same time some are glad this is happening because if we didn’t have high global warming levels the planet would of entered another ice age causing a lot of vegetation to freeze unless if they evolved faster than how much we eat it lol But all in all we just have to keep hopping that something can be done because how can humanity go to mars if they can’t get along here on earth.

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            1. Therein lies a problem for some of those Dictatorships have governments than ban news which we take for granted South Korea being a perfect example. As for Mars, I don’t think the ways things are going we/they have run out of time. Maybe the money used could better help in making planet earth a safer place for all to live!


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