The Daily Mini Writing Challenges #2





Four years old…. I sneak out. My destination the local pet shop, I arrived at its entrance just as an old gentleman was leaving. All I can remember is he slipped, cracked his head open and died. My first encounter with death. A policeman took me home. Mum hugged me!


The Daily Mini Writing Challenges #2


6 thoughts on “The Daily Mini Writing Challenges #2”

    1. A true story, thinking of it now, remembering I wasn’t scared, I learnt he was dead from the people that had gathered. I am talking 1948 I mention that as I have vague memories of my parents talking about the war dead, As for that poor fella, had he not died instantly I probably would of been scared, I did know what pain was all about, I nearly lost my thump, another scar I’ved lived , thats another tale I might tell.

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