The Daily Mini Writing Challenges #19



Up early for work, so I jogged
A few steps, my eyes became fogged.
Wiped clean, a brand new shop was logged.
Not before had I seen.

I know it wasn’t there yesterday.
Looked around no one there to say.
So I went in, tripped on a tray
What was this? Had to lean.

Was I surprised, I tell no lies!
Brought a tear to my still fogged eyes.
A baby wrapped with ribbon ties.
Was this a night time dream?

I pinched myself, stood back in awe!
Never ever dialed 999 before,
Paramedics, then came the law.
A note, two words, ‘SOZ DEAN’!

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

The Daily Mini Writing Challenges #19

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