Mick’s Short Form Poetry Challenge #4 – Perpetuating the Rare Forms’ – Oct. 7th 2017 – Prompt: ‘tweet’


Mick’s Short Form Poetry Challenge



Rare Short Form Poetry


Should you wish to skip the intro and go directly to the poetry types please click here


Firstly; thanks to all who participated in the original Elfje challenge, it was a bit of a slow start, but we were getting there. However, a suggestion made by Jules Paige that I change the format to a multi one based on short forms of poetry, I thought a great idea, and for which I thank her, most gratefully. Here then are the forms, if they are new to you please click on the one that takes your interest for its guidelines, thank you. Some of them can be likened to rare breeds, and as the saying goes, “Use them or lose them”. It might be that some of them were totally unknown to you, there were to me. So, I think by broadening the scope of the challenge it will perpetuate some of the rarer forms, and hopefully encourage new inventions too, the door is open to all. New short forms will be added as and when they are brought to my attention. Note some of the prompt words, (as presented), might be found to not fit in with some of the forms, but don’t forget yer synonyms. Hope you enjoy this new challenge, and if anyone has any ideas on improving it don’t forget the comment box, I’m all eyes! Prompt for this week, ‘tweet’, renewed every Sunday sometime after midnight London time. Suggestings, advice, all welcome, please use the comment box, thank you.

Please note more forms added, thank you.

There has to be some rules, but before I get to them, all participants can submit as many entries as they wish; now the rules:

Some Helpful Links:


mindlovemiserysmenagerie: Glossary of forms, poetic terminology and literary devices
Shadow Poetry – Poetry Types

Poetry Forms

    1. Alphabet Haiku
    2. Atom
    3. Collom Lune
    4. Elfje
    5. Haiku
    6. Kelly Lune
    7. Lanturne
    8. Mcwhirtle

    9. Monoku
    10. Monorhyme
    11. Müki
    12. OctaTimbre
    13. pi ku
    14. Septolet
    15. Snowball
    16. Tanka
    17. tau ku
    18. Tetractys
    19. The American 767
    20. Triolet
    21. Tilius
    22. W5


Roundup, Mick’s Short Form Poetry Challenge #3:

ladymanila: Welcome to the challenge, A great but sad triolet, thank you 🙂

Reena: Nice snowball, thanks Reena!

Vivian:Takes me back, so stressful when your own get hurt, wishing him well, and a big THANK YOU for your very apt tau ku 🙂
Wish You Better

Linda: What a coincidence, I snapped a feather yesterday, you’ve certainly inspired me to use, watch out for a pingback. Mind you I’ll if I can use it with the prompt too, Great work with your double!
#Tetractys (Double): Home

Jules: Glad you defined desiderare. I don’t want to find that stairway just yet, (if I ever will). Great mix making a great series, Thanks Jules 🙂

Mick: An alpabet hsiku
A muki

My deepest thanks to you all for taking part, hope to see you all again for this weeks challenge, the prompt ‘tweet‘! ‘Don’t forget, “Please Spread the Word, love to see more entrants 🙂
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31 thoughts on “Mick’s Short Form Poetry Challenge #4 – Perpetuating the Rare Forms’ – Oct. 7th 2017 – Prompt: ‘tweet’”

          1. Strange why they don’t show to me after posting? Not just on your site., mind you I have just realised that it only happens if I use site comment/reply option and not as I am now, my notification reply/comment box? Although the same thanks for your feedback 🙂

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        1. So frustrating! Anyway thanks again for the Simply Haiku link (think I referred to it as haiku horizons in my email), I found it very enlightening, however I do have one critique; unless one has an understanding of the Japanese language and all its nuances, the use of their script and the conversions into how it sounds to me was pointless. The actual English translations no problem, the article brilliant, can’t wait for part 2.

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      1. I’ll rephrase the previou, Everything is fine with me, but WordPress, different story? It seems that on other sites my posts/comments, I am being told, are posted, but they are not showing up? Please let me know if you are receiving them. 🙂


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