5W = is a five line poem with the guide of

Line 1. Who
Line 2. What
Line 3. Where
Line 4. When
Line 5. Why

Courtesy of Jules Paige thank you!


Mother Nature life’s energy

She is crying… failing… dying…

The whole wide world

Right before our very eyes

Pollution kills all life


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


21 thoughts on “5W – MOTHER NATURE DYING”

  1. We need to work together to stop pollution.
    What link are you missing…

    I posted the link to your #4 challenge where it should be – did it end up in spam?


    1. You gave me a ‘Like” on Two Tweets…, but no comment – at the post.
      The title is the link.
      That’s how they all are, I use a piece of code to make the long link the title.
      Is that what you are looking for. The title comes up a different color when it is a link.

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        1. I don’t generally have challenges on my own sites…And depending on the prompt my piece goes to Gems, Strands or Fiction.- So the same host prompt site might have a verse or story on my different blogs.

          I will be the host of a challenge at Carrot Ranch. Maybe that’s what you saw on FB.
          The Septolet Challenge is next Thursday October 12 at https://carrotranch.com/ .

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            1. Remember though – that challenge is a flash fiction with the inclusion of a Septolet or two…
              I know CR has FB. I however don’t see that end as I don’t tweet or have a FB account 😉

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