An Inspired Reply


oh your aching heart
in between two lovers
which way you turn
you will be missed
as I am sure you have

Austrailia, for me
wishful thinking
Greece also, very
much so eye candy
But like you in my
heart Austrailia
beach Bondi

Evgenia, enjoyed your heart wrenching true story! My poem, in it a little poetic licence used, for it was a few Greek islands we perused before heading off to Izmir, yep Turkey. I too no options as a guest of the British Royal Navy, literally. as I was in the British Army. I knew then where my heart laid, it was neither, I’d left it in Malta. That was then, way back when, I still have dreams, but for the last 49 years I have lived in Blighty.

depths of wonder
life below the arcing waves
another world

All © Mick E Talbot 2017/66

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