“The Ending,” A Tanka & A Senryu

your prompts inspire
your poetry… all lessons
Fairy Queen Colleen

inspiring all to write
Colleen the teacher

the mist of dawn and dusk
natural phenomena… lush
beware deception

Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry


Thanks for stopping by to check out my Weekly Poetry Challenge where we can write a Haiku, Tanka, Haibun, Cinquain, or a Senryu using the prompt words: mist and shape. To keep things interesting, I kept the word mist but used silhouettes for the word shape.

Forms blending as one

figures outlined in gray mist,

silhouettes shrouded.

Profiles in passion adrift,

contours of a broken heart.

©2017 Colleen M. Chesebro

I can create a Senryu by using synonyms. This time, I used “opaque” for misty, and “manipulation” for the word, shape. The Senryu instructions say to share a personal event. In my poetry, the irony is that the relationship was all about manipulation, not love as the first two lines suggest. Does that make sense?

Here is how I am viewing a Haiku – write about nature. When you write a Senryu, you are writing about love or human emotions…

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3 thoughts on ““The Ending,” A Tanka & A Senryu”

  1. You know your welcome!
    I have tried 3 times to comment on your page in reply to your referral to deceptions, I wasn’t casting aspersions just saying how deceptive the mist could be in hiding dangers 🙂


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