the magic garden

Found this in my archive,. Can’t see the jigsaw pieces so cannot carry it on 😦

Colleen Chesebro

Mick E Talbot Poems


a nasty spell
converting lands to jigsaws
fairy Queen disgraced

Trest her name—blameless
her highness caught unawares
her strength is tested

to find a spell
to reconvert the puzzle
she’s made a start—look

Unic and Triquinc
Trest beginning reconverts
unicorns rejoice

butterflies static
birds too transfixed in flight
flowers still blooming

toadstools chairs and thrones
vacant—were elves in the know
Pluke the only one present

vacant—were elves in the know
Pluke—is he a traitor
is he party to the truth


Chapter II
A Little More Done


Trest knew  a year’s work
or more lay before her
still, no clue who


Chapter III

fairies garden.jpg

still,  no clue
struggling…. Pluke where  are you
need your help


Mick Talboy 2017

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