Mick’s Short Form Poetry Challenge #6 – Perpetuating the Rare Forms’ – Oct. 22nd 2017 – Prompts: ‘time and trial’


Mick’s Short Form Poetry Challenge



Rare Short Form Poetry Styles

Prompt: ‘time and trial‘

Should you wish to skip the intro and go directly to the poetry types please click here


Firstly; thanks to all who participated in the original Elfje challenge, it was a bit of a slow start, but we were getting there. However, a suggestion made by Jules Paige that I change the format to a multi one based on short forms of poetry, I thought a great idea, and for which I thank her, most gratefully. Here then are the forms, if they are new to you please click on the one that takes your interest for its guidelines, thank you. Some of them can be likened to rare breeds, and as the saying goes, “Use them or lose them”. It might be that some of them were totally unknown to you, there were to me. So, I think by broadening the scope of the challenge it will perpetuate some of the rarer forms, and hopefully encourage new inventions too, the door is open to all. New short forms will be added as and when they are brought to my attention. Note some of the prompt words, (as presented), might be found to not fit in with some of the forms, but don’t forget yer synonyms. Hope you enjoy this new challenge, and if anyone has any ideas on improving it don’t forget the comment box, I’m all eyes! Prompt for this week, ‘time‘, renewed every Saturday/Sunday sometime after midnight London time. Suggestings, advice, all welcome, please use the comment box, thank you.

Please note more forms added, thank you, and I will be adding examples under all.

There has to be some rules, but before I get to them, all participants can submit as many entries as they wish; now the rules:

Some Helpful Links:


mindlovemiserysmenagerie: Glossary of forms, poetic terminology and literary devices
Shadow Poetry – Poetry Types

Poetry Forms: Please click on the poetry form names for more detailed information, thank you.

          1. Alphabet Haiku
            the toad talking toad
            thundered… threatening terror
            taking territory
            © Mick E Talbot 2017
          2. Atom
            © Mick E Talbot 2017
          3. Collom Lune
            Word count 3,5,3
            mother natures laws
            don’t break them… or pay
            no fines… extinction
            © Mick E Talbot 2017
          4. Elfje
            breaks hearts
            truelove makes babies
            new generations the future
          5. Epanalepsis
            Example: The epanalepsis being highlighted in blue. The asterisked explained preceding the poem.
            Fly like a bird,* aeroplanes fly like an eagle. ****
            Sleep on the wing,** swifts sleep on the wing.**
            Fly** like a kite not tied to a string, fly** free.
            Hot air thermals*** aid all manner of flyers like
            Pilots of gliders who seek out hot air thermals.***
            Wind assisted paper can fly like a bird.***
            © Mick E Talbot 2017* Across the stanza.
            ** Identical start and end.
            *** Across 2 sentences.
            **** In context.
          6. Haiku
            winter close… lurking
            fall winds humming tunes… leaves dance
            hedgehogs hibernate
            © Mick E Talbot 2017
          7. Kelly Lune
            Syllable 5, 3, 5
            mother natures laws
            don’t break them…
            no fines… extinction
            © Mick E Talbot 2017
          8. Kyrielle
          9. Kyrielle Sonnet
          10. Lanturne
          11. Mcwhirtle
            The failings of leaders
            Not taking into account
            The needs of the people
            Apart from their very own

            They live in splendour
            With steaks for dinner
            Soft pillows to rest on
            The people, skin and bone
            © Mick E Talbot 2017/66

          12. Monoku
          13. Monorhyme
          14. Müki
          15. OctaTimbre
            10 line stanza 8 syllables per line.
            autumn said adieu to summer.
            mist and winds, days growing longer.
            leaves, now eye candy, all changing.
            floating, gliding, dancing, drifting,
            shuffling, kicked up, flurrying sounds.
            squirrels burying, acorns found,
            insulating, adding colour
            to newly built dreys, keeping warm.
            planning ahead, against winter
            appearing fresh on spring-like days
            © Mick E Talbot 2017
          16. pi ku
            (1/2 of a tau ku): 3,1,4
            dead red fox…
            found on the road
            © Mick E Talbot 2017
          17. Septolet
            Gaggling, one calls,
            Migration starts,
            Instinctively driven.
            Climes, for a
            Warmer winter.
            © Mick E Talbot 2017
          18. Snowball
            © Mick E Talbot 2017/66
          19. Tanka
          20. tau ku
            fresh on the road… blood
            dead fox…
            run over… no… hunted by hounds© Mick E Talbot 2017
          21. Tetractys
            An example of a double:
            WHY NUCLEAR?
            power is
            a threat to all
            its radioactive contamination
            it has a half-life of one hundred years
            © Mick E Talbot 2017
          22. The American 767
            Must contain the name of a bug, (creepy crawly).
            PAINTED LADIES
            butterflies… many species
            painted ladies… so fresh
            once abundant… now threatened
            © Mick E Talbot 2017
          23. Tilius
            turned yellow… orange… red
            autumn tree’sbared
            © Mick E Talbot 2017/66
          24. Triolet
          25. W5

          Roundup, Mick’s Short Form Poetry Challenge #5:
          Reena: In honour of October, an OctaTimbre, thanks Reena I am hoping the link will take all back to the poem you left on the challenge page, however, it will take you to the page where you might have to scroll to find it.

          Linda: A beautiful, raunchy triolet poem, thank you Linda.
          My Love

          Vivian: A beautiful tau ku, as you know Vivian, it inspired me to write this, thank you.
          Love is…..

          Jules: A septolet dedicated to marriage, her marriage, very meaningful. Thanks Jules.

          If I haven’t thanked anyone in the roundup I thank you all now, and humbly ask for your continued support. Please keep spreading the word, best wishes to all 🙂 Please accept my apology for being overdue with this weeks challenge.

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32 thoughts on “Mick’s Short Form Poetry Challenge #6 – Perpetuating the Rare Forms’ – Oct. 22nd 2017 – Prompts: ‘time and trial’”

  1. Hmm… It’s 4.15 am, so I’m a bit bleary, but I couldn’t resist this challenge, now I’ve finally found it. My offering is a Fibonacci form – I believe you said that we’re not limited to forms on your list…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! Go for it, Mick! I’m off the air soon – too exhausted to feel elated after writing today’s happy (though possibly dull) post. You too – hope you have a fantastic week doing whatever you do, doo doo doopy doo…

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Do you know that your last messages have some kind of polldaddy html gobbledigook on them.. am I making sense? After fifteen hours solid writing following about three hours sleep I’m too tired to know… g’night… ow… head hit the deck…

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    1. See/read my comment on your page, With my bad eyesight thought it read Sky Heroics. Put my glasses on to read your Fibs couldn’t make the connection then (with my glasses on) noted that it was Sly Heroics, not a fib honest. Thanks for the double entry!

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