An Epanalepsis Poem – Surprised


Holding ground, standing, your on my security team,
Wow, my heart is thumping my breath I’ve been holding.
Myself I’ve set a trial to use the prompts I set myself.
In my short poetry challenge, time, I thought would be short
Surprised myself with time to spare I truly am surprised
Your title, your poem although not a trial your title did it
Epanalepsis, a pair, wow, a pair of not matched epanalepsis.

© Mick Talbot 2017

The colour coding:
RED: The repeated words in epanalepsis don’t have to be identical, but must be in context.
BLUE: Epanalepsis can occur across two sentences.
GREEN: The same word used at the beginning, and end of a sentence.
MAUVE: Epanalepsis can occur within a clause of a sentence.


Inspired by Rambling of a Writer, (Elsie)
Mick’s Short Form Poetry Challenge #6

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