An Epanalepsis Reply: Trust The Eye’s

An epanalepsis reply:

Trust The Eye’s

Trials of true love, passion tested.
True love is in your eyes.
His and yours, can’t be disguised, true love.
Unrequited love, love forlorn.
Will never pass the test, will never
Trust the eyes they never lie.
Can’t conceal a lie, trust the eyes!

© Mick Talbot 2017

Inspired by Vivian (Smell the Coffee)

Mick’s Short Form Poetry Challenge #6 – Trust The Eye’s an Epanalepsis Poem

The colour coding:
RED: The repeated words in epanalepsis don’t have to be identical, but must be in context.
BLUE: Epanalepsis can occur across two sentences.
GREEN: The same word used at the beginning, and end of a sentence.
MAUVE: Epanalepsis can occur within a clause of a sentence.

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