Wildlife habitats, of many forms, succumbing to human habitats.
Rainforests of the world wilfully destroyed to satisfy human greed.
Regardless of wildlife or endemic human beings, the rainforests go!
Valleys, wetlands, drowned or dehydrated like the wetlands wildlife.
Moorland, burned, cleared for monocultures, moorland wildlife gone!
Indirectly or not anything that disturbs the balance of nature
Contributes to global warming caused climate change, indirectly or not.
In the process, mass extinction, can this process be stopped, can it?
Recycling it can help, not to stop it slow it down, recycling, do it!
Planet ‘B’, should it be discovered, how many years to reach it?
How many millions of light would it take to reach this planet ‘B’?
Viable in all extremes no defects in our genes, all must remain viable!
For how long, how many generations will it take afore we get to see?
A light year is about 5.88 trillion miles and 6+ times that, how long?

© Mick Talbot 2017

The colour coding:
RED: The repeated words in epanalepsis don’t have to be identical, but must be in context.
BLUE: Epanalepsis can occur across two sentences.
GREEN: The same word used at the beginning, and end of a sentence.
MAUVE: Epanalepsis can occur within a clause of a sentence.

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