SERPENT’S TAIL POETRY – Let us start a life cycle

Let us start a life cycle

Let us start a life cycle,
look I’m down on my knees,
she looked, and gasped
yes, I will, I will marry thee.

We, now together 49 years,
one year courting, heaven,
still is, though now matured
like vintage, sparkling wine.

Time to crack a bottle, a little
bird has told us that our eldest,
heard proposing, using my,
“Let us start a life cycle”
© Mick Talbot 2017

Serpent’s Tail poetry, a new form created by Jane Dougherty

Any line length, no set number of lines and no meter. To make the serpent, the last word of each line rhymes with the first word of the following line with the last line being the same as the first, so the serpent eats its own tail. The last part is the tricky bit.

My Serpent weaving itself down the page where it ends up from where it started, hope you like it, Jane. Many thanks for the introduction, had fun, love the form. To all aspiring poets and those after inspiration, give Jane’s new form ago, pop along to Jane’s site hiss where the links will take you. H i s s s

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