An Epanalepsis- Daffodil’s


Daffodils their yellow doth challenge the daffodils, the stars of night skies.
Stars ponder their plight, daffodils know theirs, unlike stars they know their future.
Doth only come out in spring, as late in the verdant season doth they set their seed.
Heed these words, picketh not daffodils when in full bloom, heed, picketh buds.
The daffodil, of their ilk too, can endure being plucked, for from bulbs they, their kind doth form.
Seeds of the daffodil, their ilk too, spend many years as juveniles, and oft-surprising all.
As is the way of nature, via cross-pollination, new species evolve, a daffodil confounding its breeder.
As was said, “pick only buds”, one’s enjoyment will last just that bit longer, heed what has been said.
This yellow gem, a springtime joy, followed by another, forest floors adorned with sapphires, bluebells.
Bluebells ringing out the now done spring, beckoning the summer, it too alive, all life booming!

© Mick Talbot 2017

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