Can you remember when, can you remember?
When you were Mumy’s  little Angel, when!
Who clipped your wings, tell us, tell us who?
Whatever our gender, we all need whatever.
Whatever is the same for all life, whatever.
To be confused deliberately is to be abused.
To be raped, whatever your gender, yes raped!
What happened to please, and no, what happened?
Slavery, forced prostitution, 21st century, slavery.
Scratching the surface, just scratching the surface
1 million women chant, men too, 1 million more.
Chant for human rights, yes you, come on chant!
Chant, you should not have to keep looking over
Your shoulder, to know your safe, shout it out.
Who clipped your wings, evil clipped your wings, that’s who?

© Mick Talbot 2017
Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

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