Nonet (Triple)


A sailor came home late one night, found
home without light, went upstairs
to bed, a sudden thought came
to his head, went into
his daughter’s room found
her dead, pinned to
her gown a
note it
o father I have done yee shame, borne
a son without a name, so dig
my grave, and dig it deep, and
place my baby at my
feet. on the top place
a dove to show
that I died
for love
all you fellows bare in mind girls true
love is hard to find, when you find
one good and true do not change
old for new, broken hearts
will mend, but my dead
ones rest now in
Heaven, I
cry for

I don’t know if triples are permissible, but hey ho. This is not how the original would read. To make it conform to 9 to 1 I had to seriously manipulate it.
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