nature... her time spent
perfecting life's perfections
man in denial
human life upsets
natures equalibrium
decimating... why...
nature screams aloud...
at the human race... hear her...
she will right our wrongs

© Mick Talbot 2017

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6 thoughts on “SENRYU – HUMAN FOIBLES”

  1. Nice. I like these.

    I shared some haikus at the writing group I joined this summer and was told they weren’t haikus at all, since my verses didn’t have any nature references. I was told that what I’d written would be described as senryu, a term I’d never heard before. I love the concept and should work on writing some more of my own. 🙂

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    1. Hi Julie,
      Thank for making contact. I’m so glad you mention your interest in haiku. No going say anymore, as noticed you left a link in your next post, so I’ll catch up with you there.


    1. Hi Ina, I know you enjoy the haiku form as much as any good poet would, myself included, This is really just a follow on from what I was putting across to Julie. In no way am I casting aspersions, if fact your work has often inspired mine, and what follows is something I hope you will find interesting too.

      A haiku as you just said, “can contain anything relating to human nature”. One thing I did forget to mention was that both the haiku and the senryu, from a traditionalist point of view, are not strictly bound by the 5,7,5, rule, they can be shorter, which is within the guidelines, However, longer is bending the rules, but also acceptable, within reason,

      sun roasted… burned fool
      heeded not once the warning
      my youngest sibling

      sun roasted…tasty
      helped by charcoal cinders
      the dog sat begging

      The camera flashed!
      Without a warning, naughty!
      Won’t happen again!

      humans lust for love
      moons dappled shadows hiding
      hark… nightingale sings

      All inspired by your good self, I will be posting them proper.


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