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think of a letter like P.
think of a letter like E.
think of a letter like A.
think of a letter like C.
think of a letter like E.
together make
hey! now you all just have to agree.
that there is one who is holding the key,
but it has been blinded
by man's denial of our kindred
connections... for we are only one species
all hailing from African countries...
yee of little faith won't agree...
yet if this poem survives...
and science is not suppressed...
plus no world warlll...
the truth could be freed...
for tis not one that holds that key...
look each other in the eyes
what do you see... no lies...
a blank... no look hard...
do you not see a minuscular shard...
now the whole population...
for the sake of creation...
reach for the sky...
with a pledge that will turn that key...
once again... making all hate history...
for we as one... have now set all creation free
for together those shards formed the key
now lower your hands
hark... natures bands playing with glee
celebrating that we now live as one
that parties have begun... the whole world having fun
in a way that should have always been

© Mick Talbot 2017
Guidelines Free Verse

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