6 thoughts on “HAIKU INSPIRED KAT (like mercury colliding)”

        1. A senryu, tanka reply to you’re Quintela

          trophic… feeding poets minds
          Richard inspires
          down leaf-strewn lanes
          hedgerows of inspirations
          a poet’s dreaming revealsl
          a quintela records it well
          a day preempted

          Many thanks for the inspiration’s…. Mick


  1. Quintela Yasmin’s, appreciating and reblogging mine. She gradually – and you’re to blame, too! – is egging me past my liquid shell of 5-7-5 and its grandest form to swim again the see and sea of further forms in whose light I played as a youth. Again, many, many thanks for you and your poetry.

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    1. your liquid haiku
      when dried… exclamations…
      revealing wonders

      oft I sit… ponder
      young lives… gone before their time
      innocents slaughtered

      Many thanks, I will, you too, write on!


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