Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #30 – Wish & Magic


Wish & Magic


magic natures wish

every birthday filled with joy

and for the world…peace


on cloudy nights

I cut slits with my magic

so the moon can see

indeed my wish for all

and Colleen  on her birthday


a birthday woman

had i the power of magic

her wish my bidding

what joy her dream my present

happy birthday to Colleen



My birthdays never cross my mind. I live life, a happy soul, everyday now a blessing. At a poorly seventy three I am lucky, the friends I have lost all far younger, why I ask, why not me? So saddening this modern era the young addicted to the screens, exploited with the promises of a better life, the exploiters do degree. Most unaware, or do not care that their misled, but! But mention those magic words, happy birthday, its just a wish to let them know that they’ve lost another year. They look at me, and ask “Really”, my retort, silence. I walk away, they do not care that there is life outside their little world, I’ve asked, they just want to win their game, to late they realise that birthdays, theirs, not many left.

natures quest for life

magic real birthday wishes

spring life realised


All © Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #30

7 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #30 – Wish & Magic”

  1. Ah, Mick. You are a young 73. Your outlook is positive and filled with joy. Yes, I’m older. Yet, it is a celebration of another year’s triumphs that I celebrate. Your poetry has made my day! Thank you, friend. ❤

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