Exploration Challenge 3


I beg on behalf of the human race re. our effects on mother nature.

Help is what she needs, her abilities slighted
Atrocities committed by man impeding her adventure.
Verily, all things are so bad, and by us must be right’ed.
Exceptions none, to right our wrongs we must venture

Understanding the perils of pollution,
Now, we must pursue, and not relent,
The abilities we have to aid nature’s reconstruction
Abilities we have and could be used to repent
Problems we inflicted on nature’s natural evolution.
People of the world must unite and show their good intent
Employing untapped abilities to find a positive solution
Discoveries they will find, on their way, their time well spent.

Attainable, well maybe, but it must be a future without corruption
Belief in our abilities to create a new, sustainable future.
Independent scrutiny, by nature, with no further human interruption!
Left to her own devices, natures evolution, clear to create a new culture
Ideal, with respect, Utopia, no wars, peace the only institution!
Taking nothing for granted, o there will be hurt, wounds, conjecture.
Ideas, hypothesis, a way forward, with hope for a once and for all solution.
Eventually, investitures, should it be the wish to live in a prefecture
Segregation based on distribution, not on any form of devolution.

Whether this, Utopia,  is all wishful thinking
Away of life unviable in this present day let alone the future
I live in hope, as I am sure we all do, to live without pollution stinking
Tainting life, both flora and flora, wild and that of horticulture.
Important we carry on, all our efforts linking.
No thoughts on landfills, all waste recycled, used as a suture
Greed a bygone trait, no longer a thought, not an inkling

Together now all life, nature placated, the future bright.
Order still pursued, the cleansing not yet abated

Belligerency, a bygone trait, diligence now righting natures plight
Experience gained from past mistakes utilised, reinstated.

Diligence in assuring, and vigilance in making sure all is right
Implementing the new, dismissing the outdated
Securing a way of life, live it, sleep, intrepid now the night
Comfort, suffering, only the ill fated, accidentally created.
Onward, no looking back, life for all a joyous delight
Verily all wrongs put right, all horrors decimated
Evolution, natures creative passion, her right
Returned, new life, somewhere in the tree of life, related.
Eventually natures back, no fickle seasons, to some degree contrite.
Decleared danger I did, along with natures warnings, make no mistake, we will again, but now, both elated.

© MET 17/66

Reena’s Exploration Callenge #3


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