Mick’s Short Form Poetry Challenge #1 – Perpetuating the Rare Forms’ – Sept 16th 2017 – Prompt: ‘fresh’



Mick’s Short Form Poetry Challenge – Perpetuating the Rare Short Form Poetry.

challenge #3


Should you wish to skip the introduction and go directly to the poetry types please click here


Firstly; thanks to all who participated in the original Elfje challenge, it was a bit of a slow start, but we were getting there. However, a suggestion made by Jules Paige that I change the format to a multi one based on short forms of poetry, I thought a great idea, and for which I thank her, most gratefully. Here then are the forms, if they are new to you please click on the one that takes your interest for its guidelines, thank you. Some of them can be likened to rare breeds, and as the saying goes, “Use them or lose them”,. It might be that some of them were totally unknown to you, there were to me. So, I think by broadening the scope of the challenge it will perpetuate some of the rarer forms, and hopefully encourage new inventions too, the door is open to all. Note some of the prompt words, (as presented), might be found to not fit in with some of the forms, but don’t forget yer synonyms. Hope you enjoy this new challenge, and if anyone has any ideas on improving it don’t forget the comment box, I’m all eyes! Prompt for this week, ‘fresh‘, renewed every Sunday sometime after midnight London time. Suggestings, advice, all welcome, please use the comment box, thank you, Brr  down to single figures’, after being up in the high 20’s, feels like winter!

There have to be some rules, but before I get to them, all participants can submit as many entries as they wish; now the rules:

Some Helpful Links:

Poetry Forms

      1. Alphabet Haiku
      2. Atom
      3. Collom Lune
      4. Elfje
      5. Kelly Lune
      6. Lanturne
      7. pi ku
      8. Septolet
      9. Snowball
      10. tau ku
      11. Tetractys
      12. The American 767
      13. Triolet
      14. Tilus

Final roundup for the Elfje challenge: Hoping you all will continue to support the new challenge. Remember you can do one of each, just one, a series/compilation, or mix them up, in this my new challenge, following the guidelines, of course. Looking forward to being inundated, please! 🙂

Reena Saxena

Reena’s: Very short, but very profound. More choice next time, looking forward to your continued support.


Vivian Zems
Vivian’s: Windy weather, stay safe, hope Aileen didn’t affect you! (my wife’s name and shes forever blowing off, joking, honest 🙂

Irma and José

Linda Lee Lyberg:

Linda: Long may love prevail.  Hope you continue your support, as you will of noted you have more of a choice this week, or you can choose them all, go on you know you want to! 🙂

Elfje: Hope

Jules Paige:

Jules, many thanks, a great series! Note I went with your suggestion, hope for your continued support.


Thanks to you all it has been fun, and a pleasure. hope you find it in yourselves to take up the new challenge,



    • All entries must have the form used named, eg ‘Atom’.
    • Titles are not obligatory but would be nice, hinting at what the poem is all about.
    • Bending the rules, reference guidelines, are fine, but only with counts, (within reason). Where it clearly states restraints, such as no caps, or no punctuation, or both please follow. Ellipses are permissible as in or , the latter can be found in the special character’s option, (Ω)
    • New types of short form poetry can be used. Please ensure that all the necessary information is given so I can add it to the list, thank you.
    • Inventions must be declared as such, and follow all the guidelines for entry here, and whatever criteria is involved in making a claim. Personally, I am not aware of any procedures, but I am sure they’re out there somewhere.

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44 thoughts on “Mick’s Short Form Poetry Challenge #1 – Perpetuating the Rare Forms’ – Sept 16th 2017 – Prompt: ‘fresh’”

        1. It seems that the theme was misunderstood, but I have changed it to what I should have put up in the first place, ‘Perpetuating Rare Forms of Short Poetry’, In my defence, I did say in the intro that they can be, ‘likened to rare breeds’, I should have added metaphorically speaking, Basically that’s it, however your inadvertent nudge did inspire me to recheck it all again, and you will note some additions, as well as some alterations, for which to you I am most grateful, thank you!

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