7 thoughts on “Questionku | WHY?”

  1. When the early crusades first came upon Israel they saw men and women all in white singing and coming forward in welcome – they were Druze Christians welcoming their brothers and saviors – and the crusaders – second and third sons all – slaughtered them indescriminately: why? Because as unlanded and untitled minor sons they would not and could not inherit and they were not there to save The Holy Land from The Infidel, as was said by Their Pope, but to secure for themselves a castle and and crown and a patrimony. And thus the reasons remain the same – for any side. And our worst enemies live across from our mirrors.

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  2. I’m not so sure modern-day societies care overmuch for historical rationale but wonder where they might find some relatively unsophisticated (read: poorly armed) bumpkins whom they might save to the saviors’ benefit of course. Pardon: I just washed my cynicism and can’t seem to get it to lay flat for its ironing. A short day on the WP this morn: I have church duties – must get home and make sacramental popcorn, melt butter and prepare my pew for the upcoming glut of college conference football championship games. I may spray a few dollops of pomegranate seeds in a small bowl opposite the requisite brean-n-butter pickles, fancy-cut radishes and just picked, washed and pared green bunching onions which will molest the cheese and cracker tray. Be well, MET. I hope to extend my tour Sunday afternoon and into Monday for reading my fave-sites’ offerings, that is if I can forbid myself more than a handful of haiku and no commentary on this world’s mounting desire to put lemmings to shame.

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  3. Except for “brean”ing my brad, I have to add – of course! That’s What You Do, J, ADD – it always seems a pleasant tweak to the happy to have such a long way of saying we is all killers at tooth and claw and even if we pay someone else to murder our chickens or devastate our carrots the karma is ours and when it comes to those with whom we have so little truck, why, sir, none dare call it fear-of-the-unfamiliar, it’s just brutal tit-for-tattishness even if it happened long before we were birthed it must be so because all our teachers told it that way. Heard an interesting radio comment from an alleged American Muslim concerning the recognition of the 1995 congressional mandate making our recognition of Jerusalem the Capital of Israel a just and good thing – and the recognition of the sad fact that such a deed – although Russia did the same well before the U.S. without all the fanfare and sky-falling wails of future deaths, that leads me to surmise: regardless of rationale, we killers and thugs still miss our caves and any excuse will do.

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