We dream, we wish, we hope, we pray, who are we?
Are we the many, slaves, abused, malnourished, are we?
Humanity ruined by the arrogant, no thought of humanity!
Power unlimited, their alibi to murder, flag power.
Untruths to convince their followers, for what, their lies?
Populations of counties whose news mediums are restrained!
People never allowed to officially no the truth, populations!
North Korea led by a maniac, the only truth in North Korea.
True truths, well, of course, there other countries lies, its true.
Conspiracies led by leaders all for personal gain, conspiracies!
Armies in allegiance with leaders, politicians, forbidden armies!
Religion governing countries, isn’t that politics, not religion?
Hypocrisy at it’s hight, thou shalt not, thou shall or die!
Religion to this very day condones evil, true hypocrisy!

© Mick Talbot 2017



  1. Separating religion from politics like carding wool until only air remains: Hey! At least we got it pure! Between a man and his God let not a priest nor a governor intrude. Won’t change the senselessness, won’t even change the body-counts; but, it does tend to make it easier to cry for what humanity loses everytime it follows a leader.

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  2. I differ in only kind, not content. I’m pretty disgusted with all countries and their supposed cultures: instead I am trying to cultivate a nation of one. Sovereign solitude. Whist trapsing – from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. – across Tucson, Arizona, from SW hispanic to NE anglo, as it were, the only questions asked by my chance encounters with several flavors of melanin (enhanced or diminished) featured homo sapiens were: “do you have an – ugh! – concealed handgun? “Wanna beer…joint…wine, water?” Mick, in case you know now the local fauna, it is considered grossly impolite to carry and handgun hidden in this open-carry state, and anyone looking so Florida as I was perhaps expected not to know the local mores and thus entitled to preliminary questioning. My beard, hair and beachwear leather sandals and outrageous Florida-style shirt and not a Hawaiian print pegged me as worth the offer of either sustaining substance. I get along in armed societies – and feel the courtesies and considerations therein exhibited far outdistance the general paranoia and insolicitiousness of the natives. My fantisy posit: have each human on the planet equipped with a deadman’s switch-armed mini-nuclear device in a briefcase which must accompany each human at all times – the link preventing premature explosion set to exempt obligatory bodily function time and includes a wireless sleepline that senses alert levels. I think that along might help force us off out banana tree limbs(?) and into real social equality and perhaps even some notions of cooperative behavior without use of threats or even more demeaning, bribery.

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