Inspired by Robert Haigh


weather… restricted
yet people turn a blind eye
innocents suffer

weather cannot see
a natural phenomenon
pollution effects

humans have reason
yet still don’t understand
jeopardising lives

we pollute… which kills
live on the banks of rivers
expect to survive

now knowing the facts
living in denial… why
natures rights to clean

malice… no intent
four seasons… man only named
can never contain

wildlife takes its lead
follows weather… placates needs
yet humans don’t heed

life on a mountain
wildlife adapt… sense danger
instinctive feelings

man has never learned
lives on the ground of floodplains
stilts… no… stilted minds

© Mick Talbot 2017

17 thoughts on “HAIKU | WEATHER SERIES”

    1. I watched a documentary on China last night called, China: Between Clouds and Dreams, it covers three topics: Four children investigate the spoon-billed sandpiper’s fragile existence. In Tibet, a trainee monk teaches environmental husbandry to nomads. A young girl fights to overcome her deafness. However it covers a lot more re pollution and how it is affecting all life. It is a series in 4 parts. I’m watching part 2 tonight. (Check the link out, you’ll find I’ve a bit more to say, plus it will give you a chance to watch the series yourself. You will have to create an account to watch, but it is well worth it. Please let me know your feelings if you do watch. Catch ul8r…. Mick

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                    1. I just got home for a Christmas concert performance. There’s a second performance tomorrow. I start to get busy for the season, but I still have the link open. I’m not forgetting it. Chinese government is terrible in terms of human rights! I started to worry about Hong Kong where my family is. China only promised “no change for 10 years after taking Hong Kong back from Britain, and set it up as special district. It has been 20 years and China tired to have more than 50% financial ownership and started trying to appoint congressmen instead of the British tradition of election. But the young people in Hong Kong had a no violent protest, set up camps on the street for miles and miles. People who were not protesting would bring food to the ones who slept on the streets.
                      It was several years ago. I have to ask my siblings of what’s happening now.

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