Inspired Tanka – “fog & change”

“fog & change”
ready for springtime
summertime’s warmth vibrant color
falls, fog fraught mornings
winters frost frills freezing fog
natures  changing seasons


fog blinded my mind
inspiration lost in time
did the challenge but
Jane Dougherty tanka wow
now changed my perception


a poets choice words
their heartfelt  emotions
transcribed with much thought
how they might inspire change
clear the fog from woeful  minds


a fires burning
foggy smoke white winter breaths
flames dancing changing
winters orchestra jamming
invites natures choir sing
Inspired by Jane Dougherty

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Challenge #21 – “Fog & Change”

6 thoughts on “Inspired Tanka – “fog & change””

    1. Your tanka had me visiting memories like: The Greek Islands, Maltase’s Islands, Gibraltar, Sardinia, French Rivera, Wilhelmshaven – Germany, Norway, Denmark, Libya, Izmir – Turkey, Cyprus, Lincolnshire coast, Yorkshire coast, Lancashire coast, Devonshire coast, a tiny bit of the Northern Ireland coast line, not sure, Ballykelly rings a bell, and my favourite the Welsh coast from Milforhaven to Pennar- 3 of my childhood years aged 7 to 10.

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