Inspired Tanka

Inspires Tanka
quietness muted night
broken tawny owls twooing
whispering lovers sigh
lightening flashed shadows blinked
silence returned post thunder

midnight walks alone
moon light shadows lead the way
backlit shade conceals
torchlight reveals her beauty
as I now walk by her side

precious moments flit
spontaneous emotions
flow through cyber space
silent secrets will be read
sleep well precious lady

i read your poem
moon beams highlighting words
excitement now stirs
tis not dew drops falling
tread carefully there my tears

silent evening
scent of moon lit roses
then hark the singing
nightingale giving voice
evening song church bells ringing

stillness winter lull
suns warmth arousing wildlife
their hibernation disturbed
early dusk so chilling
disturbing fickle season
Inspired by yass66
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


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