“march”, the Prompt for SoCS Mar. 25/17


by the left quick march
what you doing Talbot
get to the back and walk

2 Left Feet


True Story


1961 Honiton basic army training, marching, well a few steps in celoms of three, then ordered to walk. I thought I was doing fine, apparently not. No, I was told, no, the whole world was told that I had two left feet, and two right arms. The final insult was the suggestion that perhaps I had made a mistake. Not in marching, I hasten to add, oh no, in joining the army. I laughed, and said, “I’ll prove you wrong by the end of training”. Next thing the whole universe heard, “CORPRAL!”, a slight pause, “CORPRAL!”, I was hearing sniggering from the rest of the group now, then the next thing they were rolling on the ground, for I looked, the somewhat smart looking guy straight in the eye and said “I’m not a corporal”, (whom I soon learnt was a corporal), he just turned and stomped off. Another guy came out of the stores where we were all waiting, and called me by name. We approached each other, he lent over, and whispered in my ear, “I think you have just given your training instructor a mental break down, enjoy the next three months, for I’m sure he’ll see you will”, a pause, “Now fall in, and when called come and get kitted out”. I made the passing out parade, and I do believe my corporal  was right proud of me

“march”, the Prompt for SoCS Mar. 25/17


8 thoughts on ““march”, the Prompt for SoCS Mar. 25/17”

  1. I enjoyed your story if not the discomfort. It’s a small world so it seems as we live just outside Ilminster, close to Honiton in fact my husband was there only yesterday. I am unco-ordinated and if you spin me around I can’t get my barings without outside help. I am often accusing Jay of shuffling the roads, what’s a girl to do in those circumstances. sniffs.

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    1. I wouldn’t advise you to ask my wife for directions, she doesn’t know her east fro west ether. Many thanks for your nice comment. In fact I have some more anecdotal stories based on my army training, albeit for another day.

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