SoCS April  8th 2017 Acrostic

Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “give/given/giving”



Give, share your conscious wisdom,
Invite your colleagues to do the same.
Ventilate, be aware you need to breath.
Examine, record all your results.

Given all you can, and more to teaching,
Impervious to all discrimination.
Vexed that people do, brainwashed!
Evolve to resolve this serious challenge,
Never give in, expedite togetherness!

Great future in togetherness, work it!
Inspire all to aim high, but do it together!
Victuals, all collected from the wild,
Incurring no extinctions, use common-sense!
Note all the results of togetherness, total bliss!
Give, given, there’s happiness in giving!


© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

#SoCS Apr. 8/17


8 thoughts on “SoCS April  8th 2017 Acrostic”

    1. I agree on both counts, but I have stories from the side of the coin, one being my son. From a very early age to the present, in fact we don’t give him anything now, accept our love, for he has rejected every gift we’ve ever given, spoilt many a Christmas, especially for the wife, heartbroken she’s been, even on his birthday. So by mutual agreement we don’t give each other surprise gifts anymore, sad but it keeps him happy, and if he’s happy then we consider that as our gift to him, dare we tell him, oh no. There is a lot more to the story, but I will mention that one Christmas for him was a disaster, he received 7 identical presents, and what made it really bad was we were one of the guilty ones. Think I have said enough now, as I am upsetting myself just thinking about it. Took a little break, fine now, catch you later,



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