Inspired Haiku – Senryu

Haiku – Senryu

beauty words still wet
fingers brush the keyboard searching
hearts beating as one
reciprocating movement
lovers making love
lips forever seeking bliss
invoking memory
utopia yes
travelled space time seeking
pray it must exist
gasping hearts in pain
trials tribulations why
souls searching truths
nature had a plan
all life on earth procreate
propagating love
ere you think me lost
time agrees I am that man
leaving a dream
oh my God must stop
yet your genius drives me
opening voids once locked
searched souls I’ve wandered
universes and beyond
there’s no place like home
can I forget yes
my brain is losing
doctor say i’s fine
a soul awakens
love flows through its veins
grizzly bears must wait

Inspired by yassy66
© Mick E Talbot 2017/66


9 thoughts on “Inspired Haiku – Senryu”

  1. Inspired, a haiku, senryu reply:

    many thanks Dave
    it is hard to find the brake
    once I have started

    my words flow
    like my heart is leaking
    divulging feelings

    for world survival
    we must look deeper searching
    oceans or the sky

    me I’ve travelled
    many lands undiscovered
    galaxies beyond

    composing poetry

    Keen eye open for a pingback – Mick


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